These Moisturizing ampoules of Dermasyis contain hyularonic acid for an intense nourishment of the skin. It ensures that new skin is generated and contains collagen for tighter skin. You can use the ampoules for the best result with our Dermasyis dermapen or Hydraneedle. 1 ampoule is enough for 1 treatment. There are 10 ampoules in the package.


Active ingredients


Soluble Collagen
Collagen is responsible for maintaining skin hydration and it improves elasticity. The broken molecules of the ampoule penetrate deep into the skin, where they become the building material of the natural collagen. Collagen reduces the signs of aging. It tones and softens the skin.

Hydrolyzed milk protein
Hydrolyzate of milk proteins are rich in aspartic acid and glutamic acid. It has an effective moisturizing and soothing effect and retains water in the skin to prevent dehydration. It strengthens the lipid layer of the epidermis.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
Panthenol, provitamin B5 has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect and speeds up the regeneration of the epidermis. It gives the skin a smooth feeling. It heals, hydrates and soothes irritation. It penetrates easily into the skin, reduces moisture loss through the epidermis and effectively hydrates the skin, making it soft and flexible. Panthenol is useful in healing wounds and minor skin injuries and treating scars.

Hyaluronate Sodium
Hyaluronic acid increases the flexibility of the tissues (skin, collagen and elastin fibers). It stimulates the regeneration of the epithelium and dermis. The unique property of hyularonic acid is the high binding capacity and the retention of water for a well-hydrated, smooth, firm and flexible skin. It also increases the absorption of the active substances into the skin.

Take 1 ampoule for a treatment. Break it open safely with our ampoule opener and use as desired on the face and neck.


Content: 3 ml per ampoule
Total (3 ml x10) 30 ml

Syis Professional Moisturizing Ampoules


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